The recycling centre

The recycling centre at Esval Miljøpark is a service for private individuals and smaller companies in the municipality of Nes, a manned delivery site where you can deliver sorted waste. If the waste has been generated in or delivered by a company, the waste is considered as commercial waste and must be paid for as such.

For safety reasons, we only allow vehicles with a total weight of 3,500 kilos (private car) with or without a trailer to drive up the ramp; the trailer is not counted as part of the vehicle's total weight (check the log book).

All movement at the recycling site is undertaken on your own responsibility. Parents/adults are responsible for any children and animals that have been brought along.

• Stop your vehicle where you are directed, switch off the engine.
• The waste must be sorted and thrown into the right container. Ask the staff if you are unsure.
• No reversing is permitted inside the reception site.
• The trailer must at all times be connected to the vehicle.
• Children and animals must not wander alone within the area.
• All movement within the recycling site must be performed at walking speed.
• Obtain permission from the staff before you remove items from the site.
• Be aware that there might be queues and a great deal of traffic at times.

Customers that must go to the weighing station at Esval Miljøpark are:

• Customers with tractors with/without trailer, whatever type of waste.
• Commercial customers for weighing in and receipt of invoice.
• Vehicles exceeding 3,500 kilos with/without trailer, whatever type of waste.