Can be delivered

• Wood
• Impregnated wood
• Concrete/bricks
• Plaster
• Cardboard/paper
• Mixed metal
• Floor coverings
• Cell foam
• Residual waste

Can be delivered free of charge:

• Garden waste from private gardens up to 3 m3 per delivery.
• Hazardous waste (up to 400 kg per year) such as paint residue, detergents, car care products, pesticides, solvents etc.
• EE waste, white goods, brown goods, small electrical, etc.
• Car batteries.
• Asbestos (asbestos cement); there is a specific procedure that must be followed in order to safeguard our staff at the reception site (see separate section).
• PCB windows and windows containing chloroparaffins - must be delivered as hazardous waste, and stacked on racks by the customer.
• Up to eight tyres (four summer and four winter tyres) from cars, vans, mopeds, motor cycles and caravans